Finally! Big open fields where all sports can be played! It is a ways out of town at Curry crossing is the only downside.. But only about 15-20 mins to get there... Has flag football fields & baseball with awesome new dugouts. Plus has food vendors& food trucks out there on the weekends! Now We just need this kind of Sports complex inside TF!!


Thank you to those who made this field a possibility for children or grandchildren y'all volunteer our time to help them out

Logan P.

Very big and an awesome place for all the baseball and football fields

Matthew L.

Cannot wait for this to be the fine tuned machine. This place is already doing great things for the community and our student athletes.


Awesome facilities that are improving every day.

Carlos S.

I am working for one of the construction companies building Legacy Field and I think it is awesome that they are having us build something that kids will get outside and enjoy.

Steven S.

What a great addition to our community!

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