Fast Pitch Invitational



Fastpitch Tournament Rules

USA rules will apply with the following exceptions: 

  • Team USA Rosters must be turned in 30 minutes prior to playing your first game.
  • 3 warm up pitches in-between innings.
  • Coin flip will determine home and visiting teams during pool play. Higher seed home team during bracket play – if both seeded the same revert to coin flip.
  • Home team is official book. Home team must write game scores down after every game on posted pool games. Post score at Pepsi Trailer
  • Run ahead rule: 15 after 3 innings or 10 after 5 innings will be in effect for all games, including championship games.
  • Each team must be ready to begin its game as early as 15 minutes prior to posted tournament bracket.
  • NO INFIELD PRACTICE ALLOWED ON THE FIELD. Infield practice may take place in foul territory before start of game.  No hitting or throwing against fences.
  • All Pool games will be Drop Dead at 1 hour 5 minutes, No new inning after 1 hour. Bracket games will be no new inning after 1 hour 15 minutes including Championship games.
  • A new inning begins at the time the third out is made in the previous inning.
  • Inclement weather schedule will be used if there is rain and the weather turns bad during tournament play. Inclement weather schedule will be handled by the tournament director. All teams will be notified of changes.
  • All Teams can hit their entire line up during pool play. Free defensive subs are allowed as well.  THIS ONLY APPLIES TO POOL PLAY!!
  • Ties: Will stand for pool play. Total Runs scored determines tie breaker, if teams are still tied, then we go to runs scored against. If still tied, then we go to a coin flip!
  • The international tie-breaker will be used in the event of a tie after the time limit or 7th inning during elimination play.
  • Protests will be handled by the Head umpire and Tournament directors.
  • Those displaying unsportsmanlike acts, including players, coaches, and spectators will be removed from the tournament. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  • All USA rules apply for 10U

** Once the tournament starts there will be no refunds

Tournament Director:  Lyle Hudelson (208-731-9825)

Head Officials: Leslie Hoerner (208-283-1503) & Dave Hartman (208-749-6515)

Awards: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

**Tournament apparel will be available to purchase on site**

** Some games may have one umpire (10U/12U).



The event is finished.


Jun 03 - 04 2022


All Day



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Idaho Central Legacy Fields
Filer, ID
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